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The purpose of this document is to provide a general overview of the user maintenance required for the M3t-TR8011 kiosk unit.
 The attached document describes the recommended quarterly maintenance tasks for VLTs, and may be used as a checklist by Terminal Operator technicians.
Casino Services Technical Product Support May 23, 2012 This document focuses on the component breakdown of Edge Lit and Non Edge Lit Dynamic Buttons. How to breakdown clean and maintain (PM) both types of dynamic buttons, along with a comprehensive parts list.
The Nautilus Hyosung volume control patches are now available for download below! All patches are free of charge.   Software version v01.04.11 (1800CE, 5000CE, 5300CE) To download, use a USB driveSoftware version v06.00.17 (1800SE, 2700CE, 2700T, 4000W) To download, use a USB drive For those units that utilize a USB…